Saturday, February 23, 2008

SAD People

Oh, Lord! How long must I suffer? Hear my plea and rescue me!

I'm pretty sure David, the famous psalmist, Man After God's Own Heart, and chief whiner must have had Seasonal Affective Disorder.

I'm pretty sure that if we could go back a few thousand years and chat with him, the days he spent complaining were probably during the middle of February.

I'm pretty sure the whole dancing naked thing happened on a hot summer afternoon. (Don't worry, I won't be trying THAT! I can't give the neighbors an actual REAL reason to call the cops on us!!)

Today I'm in a mood, and I'd appreciate relief from this bone-chilling cold, thank you very much!

I think the only thing that will DeBrand Chocolates.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Despite the fact that my almost-16 year old son insists on wearing these horrid colors, I think I'll keep him.

The grocery bill is huge, my patience is often lacking, and he's aware that the magic age of 16 doesn't equal the magic appearance of a driver's license.

He's matured in many areas, and still needs encouragement in others.

His self-confidence reveals itself more frequently.

We butt heads more often than I care to admit.

(Sometimes he's right.)

His knowledge fascinates, and often confuses, me.

His desire for God is evident.

He is strong, compassionate, stubborn, smart, creative, shy, contemplative, impulsive, and talented.

I am proud to be his mom.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Alternative Assessment

I would just like to say to all you Yokels Who Leave No Child Behind that I think you're full of bahlowney.

I would further like to say to all you People Who Actually Care that I appreciate you.

Gabe's first progress report from his new school, where he is a star, shows quite a different picture than all the reports from his old schools.

He is learning sign language. He walks well with very little assistance. He is learning spatial awareness. He recognizes his name in print. He knows colors. He holds a cup by himself. He uses a spoon well. He attends to group activities for extended periods of time. He actively and appropriately participates in group musical class. He relates well to adults and children. He is liked and attended to by his peers. He expresses his opinion.

When the focus is on what Gabe CAN do, as opposed to what he CAN'T, his list of accomplishments continues to mount.

How's that for education??

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Lona Misa

So, being a bear of very little brain - or rather, an artist of very little talent -
I thought I'd see what my personality would paint.

Also being a pretty consistent don't-have-time-to-read-between-the-lines-so-just-tell-me-what-this-is-supposed-to-mean-straight-up kind of girl, I don't have much use for art that Speaks To Me. (in our house, this is also known as the Artsy-Fartsy)

All-in-all, I'm still not exactly sure what my personality is trying to say here!

Maybe I'm due for an Art Appreciation class?? I'd probably be like SpongeBob Squarepants - I'd pass the class simply because Mrs. Puff couldn't bear the thought of me returning for the 27th time!

Click here to create your own painting.