Friday, June 26, 2009

P. Allen Smith I am NOT

I bought these flowers less than 3 weeks ago. They were beautiful! And only $12! I hung them on my porch. Thank goodness I took pictures of them! Because..........

...obviously, my green thumb is sorely lacking something necessary to keeping plants alive!

Can you over water petunias? Is that really even an issue, when I don't remember to water them everyday, AND there's a hole in the bottom of the pot to drain extra water?

On the upside, though, my vegetable garden looks pretty good, so I'm not a complete far!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

See Bucky See Chicago

See Bucky.

See Bucky when he's in Chicago for his 16th birthday and has a splitting headache.

See Bucky when he's trying to find his bus from the top of Sears Tower.

See Bucky when he's standing outside Briar Street Theatre with his dad after watching Blue Man Group.

See Bucky try to stay warm on the Tall Ship Windy, while Bucky's mom grins at him.

See Bucky eat.

See Bucky's Mom and Dad not even trying to keep straight faces while standing next to a very strange-looking man who DID keep a straight face for TWO SOLID HOURS without SAYING A WORD...(Bucky's mom could never perform in this theatre!)

See Bucky's very, very small self staring up into the Bean at Millennium Park.

See Bucky not be able to stop the smile when his mom is trying to force one on him.

See Bucky stand, quite casually, in Union Station, one of the most beautiful buildings in Chicago.

See Bucky with some unintentional cool special effects.

See Bucky laughing at the waiter in Ed Debevic's, where the insults flow faster and wilder than the drinks.

See Bucky possibly auditioning for BMG in the future.

See Bucky and his parents at Millennium Park.

See Bucky enjoying the view of the river and Navy Pier from his hotel room.

See Bucky eat.

See Bucky after eating.

See Bucky make crazy faces at his mom.

See Bucky eat. Again and again and again.

Chicago made us come home. They had no food left. But we had fun.

The End.