Thursday, May 22, 2008

When the Cat's Away...

It is with great trepidation that I send my husband off to Sailing School this weekend. I'm not worried about him sailing, although he doesn't know how to swim, so that's a small concern.

What I'm most uptight about is the fact that I'm planning to paint our bedroom while he's gone, and I haven't even started removing stuff from the lair. This project calls for decomposing a disgusting mammoth closet as well.

Could someone please hand me a crowbar?

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Just Shoot Me

So yesterday, if you called my house, you would have heard this:

"You've reached a number that has NOT been disconnected. Please leave a message after the tone, and hang up for more options."

Yesterday, Tom called me from work to say that Gabe's dentist office had called him at work to confirm today's appointment, because our home phone was disconnected.

Today if you call my house, you will hear this:

"OK, so we have to have a BORING message on the machine, because all the FUN ones have to be explained! THANK YOU!!!"

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Does Not Compute

I think my computer finally died. I think we can blame it on the lightening storm yesterday. I think I'm not horribly disappointed, although it severely limits my online sarcasm capabilities from the home front. I simply can't think here at the library what with all the teenagers spending a gorgeous day IM'ing their friends instead of riding bikes with them.

Henceforth, and forever more, or at least until the Computer Fairy shows up on my doorstep, my emailing and blogging privileges are curtailed to fit the schedule of a busy mom.

Maybe I can use the time to clean the cheerios out from under the piano.

Friday, May 2, 2008

This Needs No Justification But In Case Someone Asks

Our vehicles have long known the way to the Clinic. Auto-pilot takes over and even steers us through the inevitable construction that has been taking place on I-90 for the 11 years we've been traveling to Cleveland. Our reward for the long day is usually to stop at Cinnabon and Starbucks on the way home.

We found out last summer that Gabe might possibly be a candidate for a particular eye surgery that will eliminate his need to wear glasses. This isn't something we would consider, if he would actually KEEP THE GLASSES ON HIS HEAD! But, oh no! Not THIS Gabe! Why wear the boring ol' things when you can twist and chew them? So, we plan to have him evaluated for the surgery.

A routine year of care for Gabe includes 1-2 scheduled trips to Cleveland Clinic too see his neurologist, orthopedist, and opthamologist with occasional visits to various other specialty clinics if warranted. We have scheduled a visit with the eye surgeon 3 times, and for varying reason including not wanting to deal with crappy Cleveland lake effect weather in the winter time, have rescheduled those appointments. We were supposed to go this coming Monday.

Ya know, gas is now $3.50 a gallon. What used to cost us $70.00 in gas, parking and tolls will now cost us $100.00.

This isn't a "necessary" trip. He has an upcoming visit with his regular doctors in the summer. We can see the surgeon on that day.

Which means.....

WE CAN GO SEE RON PAUL on Monday in Ft. Wayne!!!!!

His new book
The Revolution: A Manifesto is SOLD OUT and due for restock May 10th on Amazon, where it's #1! The NYTimes Bestseller list has it debuting at #7!

High gas prices prevail again!! I'm OK with that, this time.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

I'm the Rumor Weed

I don't know if it's true, but rumor has it that Ron Paul will be in Ft. Wayne on Monday.


We have to be at Cleveland Clinic on Monday for an eye exam for Gabe that we have already rescheduled 3 times!


Maybe the rumor is wrong...maybe it's Sunday. Maybe it's Saturday. Maybe he's not going to be in Ft. Wayne at all, and someone is just playing a cruel trick on me.

I will console myself with the knowledge that, thus far, nothing is listed on his website about him visiting Indiana. After all, he didn't visit Ohio before our primary.

Yes, I'll console myself...but not with more coffee. Just 3 more hours, THEN I can have some. At that point, I'll need coffee...because I've been up all night slapping whatever comes to mind onto my blog that never ends.

Speaking of the blog that never ends, I picked up one of those dollar DVD's at Walmart today - 4 episodes (ROFL!! I just typed epidoses, the perfect word for how much coffee I drank yesterday) of Shari Lewis and Lambchops!! Maybe I'll let that put me to sleep now! I'm getting punchy, as Tom says. And now Gabe's awake! Sleep cycles - another wonderful characteristic of Angelman Syndrome.

I Should Go to Bed Before Breakfast

Today is my sister and brother-in-law's wedding anniversary. 32 years ago, I was hiding in the basement of Hilltop Chapel crying my eyes out, because Deb was leaving me forever. Never again would I see her in her Gerber Baby Juice can curlers, make cookies with her, or hear from across the room the crack of her gum on her back teeth.

I don't see her very often now, but I'm pretty sure she uses a curling iron, she owns and operates a restaurant within her B&B, and she STILL cracks her gum.

If you're in the Nappanee/Amish Acres, Shipshewana, Auburn-Cord-Duesenburg Museum area this summer, stop by and see her.

What Happens When I Drink Coffee with Dinner

Of particular interest as I have teenagers, who will NOT be being
vaccinated further.

This guy might have some questionable views on global warming, but his vaccine info is great.

Just Say No!
Contrary to public belief, in Ohio, you do NOT have to subject your children to the state-mandated vaccination schedule. You can declare medical, religious, or CONSCIENTIOUS objection (which is the one we used, since our church just isn't strange enough to assume we can't make rational decisions about our health on our own).

This guy mentions morphine as the wonder drug of the past - (although that isn't the focus of this article) but I can tell you from personal experience - after my car accident, the only thing that stopped the excruciating headaches, despite morphine drip, vicoden, muscle relaxers and I'm not aware of what else, was the visit my chiropractor made to my hospital room. It's a Wonder I didn't develop an addiction!

Have I mentioned lately how very important chiropractic care is for your whole family? If you want to stay out of the medical doctor's office, see the chiropractor. Take your kids. Take your spouse. Take your cat. Well, maybe not, although I did once. Don't ask! Go when you're pregnant. Take the baby when it's born. Ask the chiropractor what they think about vaccines, antibiotics and muscle relaxers. I can recommend a great chiropractor for those of you who are local. They aren't a cure all, but they're a whole lot closer to one than sitting at the medical group for 3 hours waiting to pick up some prescription with a list of side effects 74 miles long. (I'm female, should I be worried that my new drug might cause impotence?)

And last but certainly not least Stay informed!