Thursday, May 1, 2008

What Happens When I Drink Coffee with Dinner

Of particular interest as I have teenagers, who will NOT be being
vaccinated further.

This guy might have some questionable views on global warming, but his vaccine info is great.

Just Say No!
Contrary to public belief, in Ohio, you do NOT have to subject your children to the state-mandated vaccination schedule. You can declare medical, religious, or CONSCIENTIOUS objection (which is the one we used, since our church just isn't strange enough to assume we can't make rational decisions about our health on our own).

This guy mentions morphine as the wonder drug of the past - (although that isn't the focus of this article) but I can tell you from personal experience - after my car accident, the only thing that stopped the excruciating headaches, despite morphine drip, vicoden, muscle relaxers and I'm not aware of what else, was the visit my chiropractor made to my hospital room. It's a Wonder I didn't develop an addiction!

Have I mentioned lately how very important chiropractic care is for your whole family? If you want to stay out of the medical doctor's office, see the chiropractor. Take your kids. Take your spouse. Take your cat. Well, maybe not, although I did once. Don't ask! Go when you're pregnant. Take the baby when it's born. Ask the chiropractor what they think about vaccines, antibiotics and muscle relaxers. I can recommend a great chiropractor for those of you who are local. They aren't a cure all, but they're a whole lot closer to one than sitting at the medical group for 3 hours waiting to pick up some prescription with a list of side effects 74 miles long. (I'm female, should I be worried that my new drug might cause impotence?)

And last but certainly not least Stay informed!

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dorothy said...

Amen - and for those of us who are adoptive parents still 'under supervision' because of pending finalization's read the fine print before you assume that you have to do everything that the dr's tells you to do. YOU can always find another dr who believes in modern medicine in a broader context than just drugs and immunizations. Even the State of NC approved and agreed to pay for Chiropractic and nutritional therapy under one of our sons subsidies. And they are not the first ones I would list as 'progressive' in their thinking!