Monday, April 28, 2008

Soup for a Chicken Sole and Other Things

It's Monday again.

In honor of that, I figured I'd post something that has nothing to do with much of anything logical, as Mondays aren't too logical in my opinion. Especially when 6 AM comes so dang early.

So, for some pits and bieces (sorry, not enough coffee yet) -

1. We have a meeting this morning for D.'s case plan. (D. being our foster son, whom I would probably write more about if my defense mechanism for knowing I can't keep him wasn't to not write about him at this time)

2. I made Shelly's brownies last night and they disappeared in 10 minutes. It sure doesn't take too long for 7 people to finish this recipe off. I must say, though - she's goofy for saying bake them for 15 minutes. It took 25 for mine, but that also might possibly be due to the fact that I used a Pyrex dish instead of my usual Pampered Chef stoneware. Speaking of Shelly, she's a wealth of information on free and cheap stuff. AND she can't stand the FlyLady! I like her already, and I just found her blog last week!

3. The price of gas and groceries makes me angry. Thank you, GWB and company, for screwing up our economy so bad that we can't even afford to drive to buy over-priced apples and bananas. I suppose we could save money by eating the grass in our backyard instead of buying gas for the lawn mower. Oh wait! We're getting the Economic Stimulus Package $$$ soon - THAT's going to fix everything! And of course, McWannabee President has vowed a War on Poverty, so if that Fun(ny) Money from Washington doesn't get us out of our near-recession, once he's in office there won't be anymore poor people in our country.

4. Repeat # 3.

5. Church doesn't have to be entertaining to teach a Biblical truth. Fun is a side benefit, and shouldn't be the main focus.

6. # 5 stems from some recent visits Savannah had to 2 friend's churches. She won't be going back any time soon. At one, the children watched Nemo and ate snacks. NEMO, people!! NEMO! My daughter is completely capable of participating in a Bible study and LEARNING! At the other, the children sang stupid songs including "Arky" (Noah's Ark reference) - I HATED stupid children's songs when I was 7! She's almost 11! Of course she's going to hate it! When did it become OK to stop focusing on Bible stories and start tossing Goldfish crackers down kids throats and having them watch Pixar movies and feel dumb being told to make the motions of inane "songs"?

7. Savannah and I spent some time Friday evening at the scrapbook store. I actually got something accomplished.

8. I was reminded this weekend of a conversation that Savannah and I had a few years ago, apparently when I was on my last straw, or hanging on by a thread, or skinning my teeth, you get the point - she told me that I "didn't have kids to send them to their room all the time, Mom" and when I asked her why I had kids, she replied with "So you wouldn't be lonely". Talk about a tear jerker! How easy it would be to get so stressed over life that I don't enjoy it! I cringe when I hear people say they dread summer and look forward to school starting up again in the fall - why the heck did you have kids, people???? Word to people with no children yet but who think you want some someday - THINK before you Be Fruitful and Multiply!!! And don't let the school system become your babysitter and pressure valve! Yeah, I have my moments of non-blissful parenthood - ask my 15 year old, who seems to think being grounded is the way to spend his last few years at home. But as much as I can't tolerate his mouth, I'd still have a Bucky-shaped hole in my heart if he wasn't here.

9. My children have seen Tom smack my butt and whistle when I bend over. Deal with it, kids. Deal with it, everybody who thinks that's crude.

10. There's a house for sale in our town that I've been eyeing for 4 years. It needs lots of work. It's gorgeous in my head. "It's a Wonderful Life" gorgeous. I will refrain from calling the realtor. Sigh.

11. Tom used the phrase "cutie patootie" yesterday! I about died! He wasn't nearly as aghast as I thought he should be when I told him Rosie O'Donnell says that! UGH!!! Double Ugh!!!

12. Must get coffee and get
my blood pressure checked.

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My husband asked me what the heck was wrong with me a moment ago. I was laughing so hard he thought I was dying.

He smack my butt regularly and whistles at least once a day. The kids moan in unison...

I'm having 11 year old issues with my so at the moment. He's complaining that I never listen. If he'd be quiet for a few minutes I might be able to focus on his words. As it is, I just zone out and watch his mouth move. God love his precious soul!

We are indeed living each other's lives. We might as well get used to it. If we met we'd probably hate each other! LOL I always said I would never be able to put up with me! ROFL