Thursday, May 1, 2008

I'm the Rumor Weed

I don't know if it's true, but rumor has it that Ron Paul will be in Ft. Wayne on Monday.


We have to be at Cleveland Clinic on Monday for an eye exam for Gabe that we have already rescheduled 3 times!


Maybe the rumor is wrong...maybe it's Sunday. Maybe it's Saturday. Maybe he's not going to be in Ft. Wayne at all, and someone is just playing a cruel trick on me.

I will console myself with the knowledge that, thus far, nothing is listed on his website about him visiting Indiana. After all, he didn't visit Ohio before our primary.

Yes, I'll console myself...but not with more coffee. Just 3 more hours, THEN I can have some. At that point, I'll need coffee...because I've been up all night slapping whatever comes to mind onto my blog that never ends.

Speaking of the blog that never ends, I picked up one of those dollar DVD's at Walmart today - 4 episodes (ROFL!! I just typed epidoses, the perfect word for how much coffee I drank yesterday) of Shari Lewis and Lambchops!! Maybe I'll let that put me to sleep now! I'm getting punchy, as Tom says. And now Gabe's awake! Sleep cycles - another wonderful characteristic of Angelman Syndrome.

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