Friday, May 2, 2008

This Needs No Justification But In Case Someone Asks

Our vehicles have long known the way to the Clinic. Auto-pilot takes over and even steers us through the inevitable construction that has been taking place on I-90 for the 11 years we've been traveling to Cleveland. Our reward for the long day is usually to stop at Cinnabon and Starbucks on the way home.

We found out last summer that Gabe might possibly be a candidate for a particular eye surgery that will eliminate his need to wear glasses. This isn't something we would consider, if he would actually KEEP THE GLASSES ON HIS HEAD! But, oh no! Not THIS Gabe! Why wear the boring ol' things when you can twist and chew them? So, we plan to have him evaluated for the surgery.

A routine year of care for Gabe includes 1-2 scheduled trips to Cleveland Clinic too see his neurologist, orthopedist, and opthamologist with occasional visits to various other specialty clinics if warranted. We have scheduled a visit with the eye surgeon 3 times, and for varying reason including not wanting to deal with crappy Cleveland lake effect weather in the winter time, have rescheduled those appointments. We were supposed to go this coming Monday.

Ya know, gas is now $3.50 a gallon. What used to cost us $70.00 in gas, parking and tolls will now cost us $100.00.

This isn't a "necessary" trip. He has an upcoming visit with his regular doctors in the summer. We can see the surgeon on that day.

Which means.....

WE CAN GO SEE RON PAUL on Monday in Ft. Wayne!!!!!

His new book
The Revolution: A Manifesto is SOLD OUT and due for restock May 10th on Amazon, where it's #1! The NYTimes Bestseller list has it debuting at #7!

High gas prices prevail again!! I'm OK with that, this time.

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