Friday, June 26, 2009

P. Allen Smith I am NOT

I bought these flowers less than 3 weeks ago. They were beautiful! And only $12! I hung them on my porch. Thank goodness I took pictures of them! Because..........

...obviously, my green thumb is sorely lacking something necessary to keeping plants alive!

Can you over water petunias? Is that really even an issue, when I don't remember to water them everyday, AND there's a hole in the bottom of the pot to drain extra water?

On the upside, though, my vegetable garden looks pretty good, so I'm not a complete far!


The Mother said...

Don't look at me. I can kill plastic plants. Seriously.

I abrogated care of the household plants, inside and out, to my very handy and not black-thumbed husband. Who laughs at me, but does it anyway.

MerMer said...

Very pretty!! I think ur grumpy neighbor poisoned and killed them.