Sunday, February 22, 2009

OCC Special Report

Maybe it's because he resembles my inquisitive, ever-talkative 3 year old. I want to know this little boy. He has a temporary tattoo on his left hand - or is it dirt? His face is dirty. What's that in his right back pocket? Is he warm enough? The way his hair is blowing makes me think maybe it's windy. He's clutching his Christmas box very tightly. Did he get candy? How far did it travel to get to him? Is the little girl behind him his sister? I can't tell if she is wearing shoes. Does he have a Mom and Dad? Which shack does he live in? Does he go to school? Is the sock on his left foot a gift from last year's Christmas box? Does he have his pant leg tucked into it? Or is that sock covering a brace? How often does he get to eat? Does he have clean water? Does anyone tuck him into bed and kiss him goodnight? Has anyone told him about Jesus yet?

This picture is from the Special Report Magazine of
Operation Christmas Child, one of the outreach ministries of Samaritan's Purse.

Each time we get an issue, I look through carefully, trying to locate the child who has the box we sent. So far, I've not recognized anything. ;-)

It's one small way we can share God's love with people we'll most likely never meet. If your church or workplace doesn't participate in this great outreach, please consider coordinating a Shoebox drive this fall. That little boy up there will appreciate it.

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Teresa said...

I received the booklet in the mail, and Oh My Goodness! I thought of Mr. D as soon as I saw this picture!!! I think it's the way he has his head turned, looking at YOU...Y.O.U! He looks very bright, and earnest. Just like Mr. D. :)
And, I too looked for our boxes. It would be like winning the lottery, I think. :) But then, we would probably sell everything we owned, to get to that precious little one, so it's probably a good thing we didn't see our boxes. :)