Tuesday, September 29, 2009

More Things That Shouldn't Be

Something just doesn't seem quite right here...

At a place where I can fill up my tank...

and get the van washed...

I can also use my food stamps. (Well, if I had food stamps, that is...)

Yeah, plenty of great healthy food at this place!! (I'm warning ya...do NOT get me started on making me pay for my neighbor's pop and potato chips! It won't be pretty, and at the very least, the innocent clerk at the grocery store should get the striped shirt for free if she has to play referee!)

But first, I'd like to suggest a consultation with a marketing professional, or maybe hiring someone slightly skilled in creating coherent signage.

Am I getting the special of the day, a good car wash? (Why would I want a bad one?)
Is gas only $2.00? Is that per gallon or per tank?
Are the cigarettes the deal, or are we playing some kind of 3-pack card game?
Is there a qualification process for the free lighter?

Am I the only one around here that thinks this is a little wacked?!?


The Mother said...

I like the "special good" car wash.

English teachers around the country are shaking their heads in shame.

Wendy said...

I used to work in a grocery store that periodically did a 10-pound meat sale. If you buy ten pounds or more of a particular thing, you get crazy good discounts.

I had to work at not telling people that the cooler for the meat was temperamental and that the meat sales generally coincided with outages. Ahem. Anyway.

On those days the store was flooded with food stamps people. I think this is fine to a point - maximizing what you're getting is great. But don't tell the cashier that you feed your Rotty off the 10-pound meat sales because you can't get dog food with your stamps card. It will just give her high blood pressure. Mostly because, you know, her feet are killing her because she is WORKING.

Grandy said...

You get a lil' somethin' somethin' with that "special good" car wash. Smoke-em if you gottem! ;)

You're not alone lady. It's wacked.