Sunday, September 23, 2007

Rules are Made to Be Broken

This has served me well for a couple of years now. Some people appreciate my sense of humor and ask for a copy of the list for their own use. Others aren't quite so amused. (ouch???...)

To Family, Friends, Bill Collectors, Salesmen, and other nefarious do-gooders: (especially those of the salesmen category)

School has begun!! Woo Hoo!!

In the best interest of my sanity, and therefore everyone around me, I do hereby establish some ground rules for homeschooling efficiency:

1. If I don’t answer the phone, it’s probably because we are knee-deep in a complicated pre-algebra problem. Use the answering machine, please.

2. Don’t expect your call to be returned promptly, unless you’re legitimately screaming “9-1-1” - NOTE: If it’s legitimate, you shouldn’t be calling me anyway: Call the real “9-1-1”!!

3. Unless your name is Ed McMahon, (is he still alive?) please don’t just “drop by for a spot of tea”. It will be a detriment to our routine and extend our school day, which will not make for a happy evening at our home. Besides, I don’t drink tea.

4. If there is a “Do Not Disturb” billboard in our front yard, (or a small sign on our front door) please don’t take it too personally. I KNOW you need to show me your latest hair color, but chances are good that it won’t fade before we get through this darn grammar lesson, so hold your horses. Oh, the above-mentioned Bill Collectors CAN take the billboard personally - go away.

5. Kids play outside during the day. That does not mean our school day is over.

6. We are busy learning. This takes precedence over phone conversations, laundry, mopping the kitchen, doughnuts, and even Wal-mart! (Believe it or not!!!)

7. These rules are not written in stone, but it’s some pretty sturdy half-set cement that will take a lot of water to dissolve, so don’t expect much to change.

8. These rules apply to EVERYONE.

9. These rules apply Monday through Friday, 8 AM to 3 PM.

---See Tom with questions!

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