Friday, January 25, 2008

What's Wrong With We the People?

It's a right handy little document, our Constitution. Doesn't need a whole lot of fancy language. It's survived a couple centuries, served us well. Still would, if people would read it. When elected officials, among others, take their office, they swear to uphold this document. Then, they forget their promise. They refer to our great country's founding words as a g*#$%^n piece of paper. They redefine it to their own liking. When they can't get around it, they ignore it.

Are you registered to vote? Do you know what you're voting for? Are you satisfied with the same old thing you've always had? Do you like paying half your income to other people? Do you know the IRS is an illegal organization? Are you aware your paper money isn't worth the ink it costs to print it? Think we're justified in fighting the war in Iraq? Know any veterans who courageously served our country and were thanked with poor health care and disarmed by the Bush-approved Veteran's Disarmament Act? Have you considered that you might not want to have your children pumped full of toxic vaccinations mandated by a government that has NO business telling you what's best for your child? Who profits from those vaccines?

When are you going to say "I've had enough"? When are you going to admit you aren't a free person when someone else is telling you how to run your life? When are you going to quit voting for the person who talks about God the most, and vote for someone who follows the rules?

I'll repeat myself loud and clear over and over and over again, so I can let one more person know the truth - RON PAUL is the only man you should be voting for, if you want a President who will follow the rules.

If you're a "vote for the lesser of two evils" kind of person - if you're a "vote for the preacher, he's a Christian" kind of person - if you're a "vote for the POW survivor" kind of person - STAY HOME on election day! Evil is still evil no matter how big it is, being a Christian doesn't qualify a man for the White House, and neither does being a POW. If you research Ron Paul and don't vote for him, you're missing out on the opportunity to restore America to it's original intent - a free nation, full of free people.

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