Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Questions I Ask Myself

On my Top 10 List of Things I Like:

My husband, early bedtime for the kids, chocolate, warm cars, letters from friends, jeans that fit, coffee in the morning, Jimmy Stewart, the smell of Baby Magic, friendly neighbors, people who tell me the truth, political incorrectness, peeled fruit, juicy steak, finding money I forgot I hid, answering machines, mailmen who deliver to my door, Renew Lotion, tucking my daughter into bed at night, hearing my teenage sons say "I love you, Mom", watching Gabe's face when he considers letting go, forgetting I know how to count...

The Other List:

Back talk, government employees, the smell of anti-freeze, Rosie, computers that are rude, telemarketers, buying gas, driving, grocery shopping when I'm tired, grading school work, listening to people drone about things I don't care about and can't change but I can't escape the conversation, people who say voting doesn't matter - GRRR!!!, dial-up, Koolaide, when people use food stamps to buy junk food, getting to church late, burning food, realizing too late that I don't have enough eggs, stomach aches, going clothes shopping, not seeing my sisters often, not having enough money to help someone in need, being depressed, to-do lists...

People I admire:

My husband - he knows Who does, and does NOT, define who he is.

Russ and Cindra Coy - They speak God's truth and challenge me to live by faith.

My children - My oldest is compassionate, seeks God, and reasons beyond his age. My 2nd is stubborn, hard working, and comedic. My 3rd is loving, cuddly, and innocent. My 4th is creative, intelligent and intuitive. They make me want to be a better person.

Illa Mae Woolworth - she taught me the basics in Sunday School.

Mr. Edwards - he isn't afraid to let me see the tears on his face when he prays.

Bill Morton - he was a Godly example of patience and quiet wisdom.

Uncle Marvin - he's singing in Heaven and omitting the 2nd and 4th stanzas.

Gran-Gran - he always had time for me, and he smelled like pipe tobacco.

Who can I influence to do the right thing? Does anything I say fall on good soil? Am I helping others? Do my words have a positive impact on people's lives? How can I change to be more like Christ? Do I follow His way in everything I do? Can I show more love? Would patience go further than exasperation? Would I accomplish more by saying less? Is what I say from my head, or God's heart? Do I glorify God? Will my actions hurt my opportunity to minister? Am I being what God wants me to be? Do I give God my time? How can I be used, God? Here I am.

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