Monday, December 31, 2007


New Year's Resolutions aren't really my style. I sorta tend to live life in a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants mode. I think that's a combination of cliches there, but it just proves my point. The holes in the backside of my jeans prove my point as well.

Planning ahead has always been somewhat of a challenge for me, mostly because it's boring. I'd rather run around like a chicken with my head cut off, and make a list so I can cross things off AFTER the fact, than sit down and map out a route for how to get things accomplished. On the rare occasion that I do actually have a list prior to starting something, if I manage to fit in other chores not listed, I make sure I add them, so I can cross them off. I'm pretty sure this is a diagnosable mental disorder for which I could probably get drugs. Sometimes I even rewrite the lists more legibly, so I can feel good about being neat.

Yes, I'm aware I have a disease. But most of the fun of being partially insane is the raised eyebrows and quizzical looks other people feel free to toss my way. (not to mention the way the kids shrink in mortified terror when I open my mouth)

They say the first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem...

Returning to my original train of thought, however -
I do have a list of things I'd like to try to accomplish this year.

1. Plant a garden with more than tomatoes and zucchini.

2. Start and FINISH making our bedroom look like a bedroom, and not a catch-all.

3. Help raise significant funds for Gabe's school to build a new

4. Have a ton of fun celebrating Preston's 16th birthday.

5. Find a new(er) van that has 2 doors on the driver's side!! (long teenage legs...)

6. Help Ron Paul win big.

7. Help Savannah improve her sewing skills.

8. Spend a long weekend away with Tom. (Florida???)

9. Locate some indoor skateparks for Bucky.

10. Adopt a child. (We're approved, licensed, and ready, ya know!)

11. Finish paying off Bucky's braces, the bike, and various small bills.

12. While we're at it, paying off the house would be a HUGE answer to prayer. I
dream big!

13. Follow God in dealing with a particular family situation and find peace.

14. Be a Godly influence to my children's friends.

15. Send Christmas cards!

16. Have family pictures taken!

Granted, this is not all-inclusive, and while some things may be fluff, others are serious. Check back in a year and see how I did!

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