Friday, June 20, 2008

Today is Friday, June 20th

It's official - Sex Ed is horrible in other countries, too! At least in the United States we know how to get pregnant!

It's official - You can be looney, but you still can't get away from those dang lawyers!

It's official - The Farmer did it! Forget that whole "Next time you eat, thank a farmer" campaign! And here I thought Global Warming was my fault, since I tossed all those used diapers in the landfill and didn't Reduce and Reuse.

It's official - They don't even TRY to hide their Voyeuristic Tendencies from the public anymore. They just want us to be mad at Ma Bell instead of the real perpetrators - otherwise known as "We're covering our own butts!"

It's official - We really do have an endless supply of money in this country.

It's official - While I may not care, there are obviously some people who do.

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