Saturday, January 3, 2009

Pray for Tammy

Tom's sister Tammy is in Cleveland Clinic Foundation Cardiac Intensive Care. (A very brief history: She's had heart problems since childhood, and had undergone open heart surgery as a teenager, and again about 4-5 years ago. She has recently been having additional health problems, and the doctors were planning to operate again later this month.) Yesterday she had to be taken to CCF for emergency surgery where they found infection around her heart. She is currently on full life support. She had to have further surgery today to remove blood clots, which will continue to be an issue as long as she remains on the heart machine. The doctors are saying they want to keep her on the support for 10 days at least, when they will decide if they should give her an artificial heart. They are saying she will need a heart transplant in the future, but have not yet placed her name on the waiting list. She is at times responding to requests to open her eyes.

We appreciate your prayers for Tammy and her husband Chris, and for her doctors.

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Grandy said...

Oh my goodness.