Thursday, January 1, 2009

Snowman Party of Five, Please

Savannah has lots of friends, but the ones she's the closest to are Ivy and Emily, twin sisters that she met when she attended St. Patrick School, and The Other Savannah, whom she met when she attended the local now-defunct (for her age group) homeschool co-op. Last year she wanted to start a tradition of having a Fancy Christmas Party for her friends, and the inaugrual theme was Pink, Black and Girly.
This year, the tradition continued with Blue, Silver and Glitzy Snowmen. She also invited her cousin Cami, who no longer lives in the area but was visiting for the holidays.

We collect related items through out the weeks prior to the party, and inevitably we forget what we have stored away, so sometimes we double up on decorations. Savannah loves to decorate, so this is a really fun experience for her. Our family Christmas tree color this year was strictly gold, so we had to completely redecorate the tree for the party. It turned out beautiful.

She always puts several small items in gift bags for each girl, and each girl also brings a small, inexpensive gift for the others. Dollar Tree plays an important role in the planning!

Daddy found the Snowmen Photo Holders at Kohl's, and they worked perfectly as Name Holders.

This year, she threw Nana a loop a week before the party by asking her to sew 5 matching tops for the attendees to wear. Nana pulled it off, but not without a lot of muttering and threatening and general all-around misery due to Savannah's choice of fabric.

Thanks, Nana!

Mom's role on party night is to keep the soda glasses filled and the pizza rolls warm. Last year, we served yummy chicken and rice. Since our theme was Snowmen this year, we thought we'd go with Hot Chocolate, Chicken Soup and Pizza Rolls - things you'd eat after coming in from a hard day of snowball fights, snowforts and snowangels. Besides, Mama just plain didn't feel up to cooking again!

And apparently to clean up the silly string, which cousin Cami and her lovely mother Meredith brought along. It took a while to air out the fumes, but the girls had a ton of fun.

Until Savannah developed a fever of 102! She convelecsed on the couch trying to stay awake to watch Prince Caspian, but she missed a large portion of it.

She's already pondering next year's theme!

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