Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I Would Offer Her Coffee If She Was My Neighbor...

*The article written herein may or may not be the actual viewpoint of the writer. Writer chooses to contain her opinions on all below-mentioned names for various reasons (for the time being, anyway...)

Ok, America - Please make up your mind. Is Nadya Suleman irresponsible for birthing 14 children and mooching off the system? Or should she be banished from society for trying to earn money by selling the video of her octuplets' birth?

You say you don't want your tax dollars paying to raise her children, but neither do you want her to make her own money to feed and clothe the clan.

You trot right out to see John and Kate when they come to your church, and you religiously tune in to The Duggars. Do you think they're putting their family on display for free?

You just can't have it both ways, people.

Leave the woman alone! Unless you're gonna go offer to change diapers and rock those babies to sleep, shut up and go back to your video games!

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