Wednesday, April 29, 2009

UGH! Don't Be Stupid!!

I've got some ideas...

When the World Health Organization comes up with a vaccine to prevent stupidity, perhaps it could be tested on people who think like this. What in the world is 10% of the Eygyptian population (because that's about the percentage that actually consumes pork) supposed to do with 100% of the pig meat, ALL AT ONE TIME? That's a lot of sausage gravy and biscuits!

When a Whole Truth and Nothing But the Truth Vaccine is invented, Mainstream Media Personnel should be the first in line. (And please, Ms. Needle Injector, use the BIGGEST needle you can find.) Perhaps then, we'll get the facts straight in stories like this one. This was not an American child. This child was brought to Texas from Mexico.

When the Anti-Fear Vaccine is created, it should be tested on people who watch this first, for a good control group in future testing. ;-)


Wash your hands. Don't share spoons and straws. Wash your hands. Stay away from public drinking fountains and pay phones. Wash your hands. Maybe try a vitamin or two, eat lots of fruits and vegetables, drink lots of water...and WASH YOUR HANDS.

Oh, good grief.


The Mother said...

I do echo those sentiments. And the news media AREN'T helping.

Those poor pig farmers in Egypt are among the country's poorest folk anyway, and now they're destitute. So they've created a public health crisis where there wasn't one.

I DO NOT understand how officials of a country can be SO DAMN STUPID (sorry about the cussin'. There just aren't any other words...)

What, the virus is magically mutating in pig populations around the world, SIMULTANEOUSLY?

For God's sake.

Panic is never a good plan. Stupid panic is an even worse plan. And stupid people panicking stupidly?

Maybe we do have something to worry about.

Deanna said...

Mother, it fits. Couldn't you have made the font bigger, though? 'Cuz this whole situation is way stupid.

Wendy said...

Yesterday I had to take my son to the ER after he passed out at preschool. I asked the ER doctor about this whole thing, mentioning that I felt it was a bit overblown. She said, "it's a lot overblown. By the media who need ratings, and by the makers of Tamiflu, who want to make a bunch of money."

She went on to say that the only increased risk of this flu over any other was its respiratory involvement - which means possible pneumonia. I said, "last winter I had a terrible respiratory flu." She said, "you could have had swine flu. It was just as dangerous as swine flu." Shealso said that we had a flu pandemic every year in this country, and referenced how many people die from the flu EVERY YEAR in this country. But that it gets little coverage because it's "regular" flu without a special name.

And to paraphrase her a bit: "this is all a bunch of hooey."

Elise said...

Well, my apologies if this is a repeat...but I just tried to comment and my window closed unexpectedly. Anyways. I was going to say...
Hey- you can't let a good crisis go to waste! You have to exploit it for all it's worth!
With countries like Russia and Egypt and Jordan exterminating their pigs and widening their ban on American imported meat, you have to wonder - how much of it is based in fear of the virus, and how much of it is truly about control? Control of the economic situation, control of the global public opinion, control of the fear. This is just another way the Progressive movement is pushing us into hopelessness and trying to force us to believe the only salvation comes from the Left, or more accurately, from the bleeding heart Liberals who are rushing around to try and make themselves look busy "helping." My opinion- and this may make me look crazier than old Aunt Gertie with her 14 cats- save the vaccine. Do some research. So when this virus resurfaces in two years and is truly a virulent virus killing thousands in a mere few hours, we are ready then. Because it will happen. This, right now- this is not a pandemic. Not a lethal one at least. Don't close schools, don't mass-produce a vaccine for something that isn't any worse than what we all just had like, three weeks ago. Research, prepare, and try and keep our more-fragile-than-glass economy as balanced as possible.
A question: when this flu comes back five times worse, will you get the vaccine? When it may truly be life and death?