Tuesday, May 5, 2009

You'll Find It In the Health and Beauty Department

This sign cracks me up...

..."even when"...??

Because if you're not, wouldn't you need the number to a place.....

... like this?

And along slightly related lines, if you are indeed active and on oxygen, (real or canned) there are certain times that refraining from proving that to everyone around you is a tremendous blessing. Check this out. (Embedding is disabled.)

(google, thanks for the image)


The Mother said...

That video is hilarious.

Absolutely true. Morning breath is yucky.

But at least my hubby isn't on a CPAP machine all night. NOISE is worse.

Wendy said...

Ask my MIL about the CPAP. Two years ago we were awakened by my FIL's snores from across the hall in a hotel. He was still insisting that he didn't even snore, LOL.

She forced him to a sleep study and they were so alarmed that they put him on oxygen after only a couple of hours & didn't wait till the end of the study.

The first night on the CPAP he woke up after 2.5 hours & thought the night was over. That's the approximate amount of quality sleep he'd been getting.

She thinks the CPAP makes a lovely sound! LOL