Thursday, January 14, 2010

Completely Appropriate

One of the characteristics of Angelman Syndrome is inappropriate laughter. What is deemed inappropriate is often subjective, and therefore the use of that term when describing my son often triggers irritation in me. Of course, being that he's MY offspring, I should remember to give people a break, because I sometimes laugh at completely inappropriate things (and times), as well. So...Angelman Syndrome, or heritage? Guess we'll never fully know!

Gabe will laugh until he can barely breathe, watching small children run in circles. He thinks Tigger, bouncing... Eeyore is hilarious. Horton Hears a Who is one of his favorite movies. I'm his mother. I know these things. So why have I never realized The Three Stooges would probably trip his laughter trigger?

Oh my word!

He LOVES that show! On New Years Eve, one of the cable channels ran a Stooges marathon. He didn't moooooooooove from his seat. Completely mesmerized.

He doesn't talk, but the belly laughs Crack. Me. Up!


Paula said...

I agree!!! The belly laugh is the BEST!!!

The Mother said...

One of the symptoms of geek is "inappropriate" laughter.

It's not really that it's inappropriate, it's just that it's in response to a private internal joke that apparently only the geek gets.

So I tend to be fairly accommodating to anything anyone else assumes to be inappropriate. Perhaps it's just that only he gets the joke.