Tuesday, January 5, 2010

GAH! Seriously, People??!?

This GRINDS me!

"I didn't want to give up my fast food."


First...Taco Bell is just gross!

Second...while you might actually lose weight doing this, you probably won't be healthy!

Third...just....EW! Ick! Yuck!

You didn't become a tub-o-lard overnight, and you're not going to be a size 8 overnight. Use your brain, if the chemicals in your fast food haven't petrified it yet! Fresh fruit is tasty. Fresh vegetables are yummy. Eat some good, filling protein. Water is your best friend. Don't get hooked on this season's American Idol - spend that time walking.


Oh, good grief!

(and for the record, I am overweight...)

1 comment:

The Mother said...

Don't you just know the ad guys used every trick in the book, with legal double checking at every turn, to pull out that commercial. C'mon, even a total idiot knows that Taco Bell food isn't exactly healthy.

The "Results Not Typical" line splayed dramatically across the screen sorta tells it all.

Maybe we should try it until our livers give out, and then sue! We could be rich!

Nah, legal's probably all over that one, too.