Friday, August 8, 2008

There Once Was a Little Boy

6 years ago, he was 9.

Now he's 15.

Most days he can hardly wait till he's 18.

But for a few more very short years, I still get to make him Chicken Alfredo and No-Bake cookies. I still get to raise my eyebrows at his latest idea for a hair style. I still get to scowl when he whines about hanging out the laundry. I still get to enjoy clothes shopping with him. I still get to ground him for talking back. I still get to laugh at his jokes. I still get to help him tune his guitar. I still get to tell him goodnight each evening.


Grandy said...

Oh...only 2 years on paper. I'm sure you can still scowl at his hair choices and laugh at his jokes after, right?

Deanna said...

You bet! As for right now, it's more along the lines of I laugh at his hair and scowl at his jokes! ;-)

jordan♥ said...

I like Chicken Alfredo!!
and No-Bake cookies!!
When he leaves, I'll move in so that you can make those for me! (:
Why would you laugh at his hair? (unless he's thinking about GROWING it out really long again)...I like his hair! lol.