Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I'll Take a Bald Win

So life's been a little crazy around here lately. I've lost touch with reality.
Ok, not reality, (actually some people would tell you that happened a loooooong time ago!) but maybe a few things I should have kept up on.

The short list:

1. Healthy eating - with 2 babies in my house, I'm lucky to get stale Cheerios and a
PBJ by 2PM. Thank goodness coffee is quick and easy to make!

2. Thin(ner) hips - see #1.

3. Showers that last longer than 37 seconds - again, the babies...

4. Semi-regular dates with Tom - this is sounding like a broken record!

5. Politics - but I know for whom I'm voting.

My van still says "We like Ron Paul". We still get comments about that from people. I don't intend to change it any time soon. Even if the white shoe polish would come off easily, I'd leave it there on principle. Besides, I don't think I can fit www.campaignforliberty.com across the front of my windshield.

Since Ron Paul ended his campaign for presidency, I've been doing bits and pieces of research, in what little time I've had, to see who should get my vote in November. McCain and Obama are definitely out. I had a couple people ask me, when McCain picked Sarah Palin, what I thought of her, or if I would vote for that ticket now.

Where is a billboard? A Really Big Billboard? A HUGE GIANTGONDO BILLBOARD???!!???

NO! Deanna will NOT be voting for McCain. Sarah Palin isn't going to save the country!

So I briefly looked at Bob Barr, the Libertarian candidate. I do believe that Mr. Barr voted for the Patriot Act. Next.

Nader, McKinney...did someone say Ross Perot is still alive and listening? - Moving on...

I had read some of Chuck Baldwin's articles, and he seemed pretty decent. He's the
Constitutional candidate. I like the Constitution. I was leaning toward casting a vote for him. And then...

Voila! Ron Paul likes him too!!! If you're into the "Government shouldn't tell me what to do, I'm this kid's parent and I can raise him myself, I obey the law and Washington should too, Why am I paying for other people's mortgages when I can barely afford to fill my gas tank, Somebody Put the Brakes on Here!!" mentality, you just might like him yourself.

Now I won't have to write in my own name!!

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