Tuesday, September 9, 2008

No, I Can Not

So today, I got a call from our case worker at Job and Family Services. She was calling to tell me that she needs to schedule a 6 month review of D.'s case plan with all the various people involved. Naturally being his foster parents we are involved. Her comment to me, when I said "Wow! Already?!?" was "Yes. Can you imagine missing out on 6 months of your children's lives?"



Thank you for making me smile with your comments on my blog. :o)

Do you know how long Ohio gives the birth parents to get their act together? In Michigan it is only one year. I'll be back for updates.

Shelly M.

Deanna said...

Children can only be in state custody "12 out of 22 months". So yes, basically the same as Michigan, it sounds like. We've had D. almost 6 months, and his baby sister for 2.
Part of the birth family wants us to adopt. We're just trying to wait patiently. And praying a LOT.