Tuesday, September 30, 2008

It's Only Tuesday??!??

So far this week, I've:

Managed to avoid finishing the bathroom painting project

Tripped over our stupid Dog With Jealousy Issues

Convinced at least two of my son's friends that I'm a complete lunatic

Drank over 12 cups of coffee

Missed, narrowly, a car collision with the local school principal (her fault)

Changed countless poopy diapers in 3 sizes

Considered taking up smoking to deal with Politically-Induced Stress

Thanked God I'm not a teenager any more

Pondered how much food we need to survive a National Crisis (definition open)

Called and emailed Senators and Representatives to speak my mind

Paid way to much for gasoline

Defended my reasons for not voting Republican or Democrat

Been informed that someone can hardly wait until he's 18

Wished I could take a vacation

It's been a long week.


MerMer said...

ROFL! Your week sounds alot like mine! I too have been blessed w/a pet w/jealousy issues. And I also tripped over her, after I tried to drown her in the tub. (see my blog for the full story in the near future)
I have killed what I've been told is a "water bug" by one person and a "Palmetto bug" by another. I say they're COCKROACHES! And they're HUGE!
I haven't contacted any politicians, but I did call and yell at the credit card company for taking DOUBLE the payment they were supposed to from our account.
And I doubt that I convinced Alexs' friend that I'm a lunatic. Quite the opposite, 'cause when Michael (Al's friend) showed up on our front step w/a scraped elbow and knee from falling off his bike, I doctored him up and sent him on his merry way.
I was a good wifey and let Kevin practice his PPCT on me. Get your mind out of the gutter, that's short for Pressure Point Control Tactics! Then a couple hrs later I turned around and used them on him and Cami. Heehee. That was fun.
Okay, taking up all your space. Maybe I should post on my own blog, but didn't want you to think I was stealing ideas from ya or anything. ;)

Deanna said...

I haven't tried to kill anything/body, but the week isn't over.
And do call your senators! They're voting tonight. Tell the crooks to vote NO! on the bailout plan, or you'll send your aunt to treat them for fleas!