Tuesday, March 4, 2008

5 Days of the Living Dead

I'm not dead. I really wasn't even close to being dead, but I like dramatics, so I considered dieing this past week. NO! Don't call your local police, mental health therapist or priest so quick! I just had the flu, and sorta considered wishfully pondering the notion of a contented non-violent demise of my human flesh. Then my fever broke, and I put the stage make-up away. I only THOUGHT I might die!

I spent 5 solid days in bed, temp up to 102. I have not been this sick in years.

Now I'm back to normal. NO! Don't go there!

So, other than the residual stuffy, runny nose (HOW?!? can those two symptoms happen simultaneously?) and the proverbial coughing up the lungs, and the lagging energy levels, I'm better.

Tom isn't so hot. What am I saying?? Of course he is! He's just quite ill right now. He told me he was craving chocolate. When I raised my eyebrows at him, he said "This is a female germ." Preston is sick. So is Gabe. Bucky is sucking down vitamins and volunteering to make his own carrot/apple juice to keep himself healthy. Savannah is gagging on her vitamins and doing her best to not get sick until at least Saturday, AFTER the Winter Jam concert on Friday! (Update prior to posting: Bucky only suffered one day, the vitamins must have worked! Savannah managed to not get sick, and the concert was a blast!)

I HATE being sick! I HATE it! I am not good at being sick. I don't have time to be sick. Things fall apart when I'm sick.

Laundry decides to imitate rabbits.

Toilets overflow because kids apparently forget that Dad's "How to Use TP" lesson, Step #1 is: Start with 6 squares

The dryer, which has been dieing for years, dies. Then resurrects itself when Dad uses it. Then dies again when a kid tries to use it. Then resurrects itself...it's like a cat with 9 lives! Maybe if I feed it Kibble...

"Dieing" doesn't look right. Oh well!


Anonymous said...

Hi Deanna,

It's great to meet you. This has been an awful flu season hasn't it? We desperately need spring to come soon!!Thanks for stopping by and I hope your family gets back to normal very soon.

LeAnn :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Deanna,

Thanks for stopping by my blog. It is so fun discovering new blogs and meeting so many wonderful women. I love that you love Jesus!

LeAnn :)

*~Tamara~* said...

It's "dying."

And a "female germ"??? Bwah ha ha ha ha!!!!!!!!!!!

Kelly said...

Hey Dee, I am sure glad that you are back in the swing of things; I had no partner in crime for 5 days and no one to tell my funny daily events to!! Please don't do THAT again. Love, Kel