Monday, March 31, 2008

Advil Not Needed

Why is it that my husband worked 80 hours last week, yet I'm the one who winds up with a sore back?

Since my car accident, I've had to learn to be very careful with my back. Most days I succeed. But every once in a while, the slightest mis-movement can trigger several painful days.

Last Wednesday, I was helping Gabe stand up, and always mindful of my position, I thought I had my feet planted where they needed to be. Nope! Gabe didn't turn at the same speed I turned, so I managed to dislocate a rib. Fortunately it was during my chiropractor's working hours.

Saturday, I tried to lift a relatively light-weight Bissell carpet cleaner 2 inches over a threshold. Nope! Fortunately, the pain didn't last long enough to require a trip to the chiropractor, as it wasn't working hours.

Sunday, I'm getting ready for church and for NO reason, my back just snapped. Let's just say the breathing techniques didn't work, and if people perspire during heart attacks because of the level of pain, I hope I never have one! Naturally, our chiropractor doesn't hold office hours on Sunday.

This morning - ahhhhhhhhh...thank you, Eric! Sometimes, Mondays are great!

Here's to chiropractic care, heating pads, and people who don't blow through stop signs and re-arrange other people's life plans!

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