Thursday, March 20, 2008

Annoying Little Creatures

This is Francesca Monet. All 10 pounds of her. She's a miniature Dachshund, chocolate dapple, with one blue eye and one brownish eye. (I tried to get Tom to see a doctor about having a particular minor surgical procedure reversed, resulting in a 10 pounder of another variety, but my speech(es) weren't convincing enough. He saw a dog breeder instead.) I digress.

We call her Frannie.

She's mine, and she thinks Preston is hers.

She guards our house from strangers, scary dogs, newspaper delivery boys, and our teenager's friends.

She also keeps the cats from escaping outside when we open our front door. She watches the cats, and when they get near the door, she tackles them. If one of them manages to slip through, she chases them down and corners them until we can get to them.

Yesterday, Preston took her out, and a strange cat was in our yard. She tried to chase it up on our porch. We have lots of squirrels and rabbits in our yard. She does not attempt to make rodents part of our family. Her fetish is strictly feline in nature.

Last summer, she spent some time at the cousin's country home, with our kids. The cousins are inundated with all sorts of cats of varying intelligence levels and stages of fetal development. (Is an unborn kitten a fetus, or is that term reserved for use in referring to unborn babies living in a world where humans see precious life as tissue easily discarded for convenience' sake?)

When I called to see how our kids were faring, Preston told me, "Mom! Frannie is so stupid! Every time I take her out to go to the bathroom, she starts running around like a chicken with her head cut off, herding all these cats into the house!"

I chose to see that as one very astute canine, not an obsessive-compulsive pet who needs mental therapy.

Please note:
Our cats chase bats.
Our dog chases the cats.
And you've probably never read a post that successfully combined psychotic animals and pro-life issues in one fell swoop.

Life is more fun with variety.

Humor is free.


*~Tamara~* said...

You know what you need???


Frannie can herd chickens. They will not only keep the dog busy and make her feel needed and important, they'll give you FREE eggs!!!

Deanna said...

Just because Frannie runs around like a chicken with her head cut off does NOT mean we need chickens. I wouldn't mind the eggs, but I can't STAND gathering them! Do you, of all people, not recall what can happen to little girls with chubby legs during the egg-gathering ritual?
That was one tough old rooster!