Sunday, March 9, 2008

An Attack on Freedom

As a family that chooses to home school for many reasons, this case is of great concern to me. Yet it doesn't just affect homeschooling families. It affects all of us. It is no one else's business how a family chooses to educate their children. The judge in this case has done a great disservice to families in the state of California. Please pray for the family, and for all families that home school. It is not a task that we take lightly. If the court depublishes this ruling, it would not be used against other home schooling families in the state of California but rather would only apply to the family involved in the actual court case. I do not currently know any of the details of the particular family, but regardless, this case certainly should not be able to be applied to all home schools. You can help here by signing a petition prepared by Home School Legal Defense Association that is requesting the California Supreme Court to depublish this ruling.

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