Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Delete This!

Why are all my blogger-related emails going to my SPAM folder?

It's irritating me! It means I actually have to glance at my SPAM folder before I delete the crappy stuff sitting there.

Mrs. Rebecca Williams is still trying to say hello - I wonder if she wants to show me pictures or send me money from her Pakistani relatives who were loaded with cash when they died recently?

eBay is still asking if I'm dumb and poor. No, and Poor Is A Frame of Mind.

I'd be in luck if I was looking for Singles. Although there haven't been offers for Church Singles lately...which leads me to wonder how those preachers are fitting all those weddings into their schedules.

My credit score changes daily, apparently. Why can't they make a non-traceable mistake and fill my checking account with a few extra thousand dollars AND improve my score?

My aspirations of being a Crime Scene Investigator must remain on hold, despite the offers for College Scholarships. Thank you, but mothering 6 children takes up the majority of my time. Any free time is spent with my husband, discussing how to escape to a private sandy white beach where children aren't allowed.

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Teresa said...

If you want to be a Crime Scene Investigator, try your skills at "I Spy" in Preston's room pictures! See how many yellow things you can find in 30 many books are actually on the many dirty socks on the left side of the could be quite fun, and educational at the same time!