Monday, November 10, 2008

I'll Take Mine Drug-Free

Stubbornness doesn't have to be seen as a character flaw. In our house, we see it as a sign of brilliance. The key to it becoming brilliance is another great trait - patience. Therein lies the problem for Preston and Mom.

He isn't joking. Seriously.

He's 16 - he has better things to do with his time, obviously.

Just today, I threatened to take his door off it's hinges if he doesn't clean up this mess. He peered quizzically at me, most likely pondering if my brain had sunk into my abdominal cavity, as I attempted to explain why I would be better able to monitor his housekeeping skills if I could actually see into his domain. Fortunately, he's slim, so it's easy for him to squeeze through the small opening, formerly known as a doorway, created by the monstrous pile of laundry and jumbled shoes preventing a proper entrance.

But - upon closer observation, it appears that somewhere along the line, the boy has developed an appreciation for books! Books! BOOKS!!!

Can this be the same child who, just 4 years ago, was nearly saddled with a diagnosis of ADHD by an educated, credentialed child psychiatrist?

Could this Specialist have been wrong, in her 15 minute first-time (and only) interview, to suggest potent stimulants to control his curiosity and lack of focused motivation? We thought so - so we walked out and shortly after, pulled Preston from the parochial school he'd been attending.

He couldn't read well. He hated it. He struggled. He failed tests. He worked with intervention teachers. Day after day after day...until we brought him home. He still struggled with reading. But he reeeeaaally wanted to watch Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter. First, though, we told him he had to read the books. I honestly didn't think he'd ever get to watch the movies. I think I had visions of him numbering the days on his calendar till his 18th birthday, so he could Do What He Wants To Do - and celebrate by having a LOTR and HP marathon! We started letting him chose the books he wanted to read for school work. Soon, the history books were disappearing from our shelves and relocating to Preston's floor. He started handing me lists of books he wanted me to pick up at the library for him. He put BOOKS on his Christmas lists! The History Channel became one of his favorites. His artwork began reflecting medieval weapons, suits of armor, and castles. He began working on his own stories. He started developing his own characters. He started designing his own Middle Earth maps and languages.

He got to watch the movies.

I have tried to read Tolkien. Failed miserably. Just. Not. My. Style. I love to read. I hate to WORK to read! I had no clue that he wrote so many books! If Preston runs out of J.R.R. Tolkien's works, his son Christopher has written more in a similar genre.

This is what I find now when I go to Preston's room.

My children have to do nothing...but make me proud to be their mother.

And I am so proud he's my son.

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