Monday, November 17, 2008

Noon. This Saturday. ABC. Be There!

I told you I was thinking about it. I did it. I waited until after the obnoxious lying political ads ceased, and I made the call.

I kindly explained that I wanted the cheapest, most basic of packages available. For a mere measly 15 bucks a month, we now have Time Warner Cable. Gabe can now enjoy quality commercials like Party in My Tummy and other motivationally-intended nonsense.

Savannah has been a bit under the weather over the past few days, so the Cable Guy showed up just in time to keep her mind from being completely bored out of it's skull while she convalesces.

We all know why the cable was really installed!

Never let it be said that people in this family can't multi-task while watching the Buckeyes!

Yes, Gabe - as a matter of fact, we DID kick Illinois' butt!

Ah, Uncle Jim! So good to see you again, even with the black smudge across the screen. I've missed you!

We teach our children at home. The important stuff, naturally!

Straight home from work, pick up the baby, plunk onto a chair - no rabbit ears required. Maybe now the neighbors can return to their delusions that we're normal.

Probably not - one of Bucky's friends told us last weekend that his mother had said to him earlier in the week..."You should tell them to take down that Ron Paul stuff from their yard."

"No, they won't. It's their revolt against the election results."

She still let him spend the weekend with us, though.

And for a fitting ending...


(sports images courtesy of google images)

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