Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Not It!

I got tagged by Shelly.


In elementary, I was never the first person picked for kickball, unless my best friend was a team captain. I was generally never the very last pick, which was the ultimate scourge. I was mostly somewhere in the last 1/4 of people chosen. Why? I wasn't overly athletic, at least for organized team sporting events. I'm not a competetive person, surprisingly enough - given my mouthy personality and all.

When it came time to play tag, I was nearly always the first one caught, because I didn't run fast. Besides, it was just so sweet to be caught by the boy I had a crush on. He'd buy me pixie sticks and jaw breakers - I HAD to let him catch me!

I hated being "IT". It took forever to catch anybody!

Now if I tag someone, they don't even have to run if they don't want to!

My choice:

Grandy - She's quite funny - even without her recent drug use. And she just so happens to be blogging every day this month. I can't commit like that!


Grandy said...

I'm IT! oK! What's the rules? Do I write something about elementary school? I can do that but you must tell me.

Thanks for the compliment lady.

Deanna said...

This tag didn't come with rules - I followed the links back, and didn't find any particular train of thought, which could be my own perception problems surfacing, but I digress. So I just went with the "memories of tag" rabbit trail.
Coffee fuels many rabbit trails...

Grandy said...

You make me laugh coffee lady. ;)