Friday, October 3, 2008

Bits of Odd Ends

First, I would just like to say that although I did not vote for Congressman Bob Latta, I find myself today sorta liking the guy for actually representing his constituents properly. He voted NO on the Exceptionally Egregious Shysters Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008. (If only his coworkers would have accommodated the wishes of the larger American sector.)

It would take a bit more than that to make me consider voting for him in the future, but at least today he didn't dip his fingers into my precariously positioned bank accounts. For that, he got another phone call, this time saying "Thanks!". His office staff was wonderfully pleasant.

Mr. Latta, when you come around these parts, perhaps we can schedule a visit to discuss other concerns I have with our country. I'd like to start with Congress' apparent broken promise to adhere to the Constitution. I also have a message you could deliver to President Bush, Mr. Bernanke, Mr. Paulson,...pretty much everyone in Washington... "You should be ashamed of yourselves!"

Turning now to other not-so-political news -

Tom was a little upset that Steve Fossett's plane was found. He was really wishing that the guy had decided to skip the country, for reasons known only to himself, and simply vanished into thin air. I think it was a rather romantic notion, actually. I doubt the man's widow would agree.

It's official - at 2.5 years old, little Mister D. has officially started the "Why???" stage. Three days into it, it's officially driving me nuts. "Because I'm the Mom, and I SAID SO!!!! Now go to the corner!" He has also become quiet proficient at tattling and lying!! Lying to get other people into trouble! I simply can't believe some of the stuff this child concocts! Two days ago, he was sitting at the table eating breakfast. The older kids weren't up yet. He started whining, and when I asked him what was wrong, he said "Uh, Buh...Qwes pu me." Translated? "Uh, Bucky...(pause to reconsider which older brother to blame this time)...Preston pushed me."

He shares a room with Bucky, so he hadn't even seen Preston yet!

The following morning, he was knocking on the bedroom door for me to come get him. He can't turn the knob by himself - a small miracle for which I offer daily thanks. I didn't scoot right up the stairs to collect his hungry little body, so naturally he started bellerin'. By the time I got to him, he was in full panic wail, tears just running off his little cheeks. (He cries actual real crocodile tears when he's fake crying!) Upon opening the door and being prepared to attack the monster threatening him, I asked him what was wrong. "Buh...(sob)..pu...(heart-breaking deep breath sucked in)!...(wail)..." Of course, I growled at Bucky. "Did you push him??!?" Bucky, not even out of bed, muttered, "I told him to shut up." The kid blames his poop on the dog, his farts on Gabe's home health aide, he knocks his head into the wall when he gets sent to the corner so it looks like I pushed him...I guess I just can't trust him! But he's so darn cute!

Christmas is coming - what are you doing this year? Does your church or school group collect Christmas shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child? If not, it's not real time-consuming to coordinate the project. If you want to participate but not coordinate, you can find drop-off points near you on the website, and just take your own filled shoeboxes to one of those locations.

Speaking of Christmas, I don't usually say much about what I'd like. But this year, I've stated my desire for one of these. Oh, how I'd love to have one of these! This is a Cuisinart Coffee Grinder/Brewer. Mmmmmmm.

I do not need one of these, but I would looooooove to have one of these. I also would like to have a Mother's ring. I have been asking for a Mother's ring for quite some time now. The challenge is this: I currently have 4 children I get to keep and 2 I'm certainly hoping I can keep, but that isn't up to me. I also am not opposed to getting more children for keeps. See the problem?

It's October 3rd. We have an unwritten kinda rule/guideline in our home that we don't turn the furnace on until November 1st, and we turn it off May 1st or sooner. It's been pretty dang cold the last few nights, and right now my hands are a little chilled. We have babies in the house now. We just might have to break our rule. The kids will be happy. But first I have to buy some new slippers. Mine are shot!

Monday we have a 6 month caseplan review for D... - Time flies.

And because it does, I'm going to bed.

Tune in next time.

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