Wednesday, October 15, 2008

It's Not Just Church Signs I Hate

This was not a good day for someone to make a particular type of phone call to Deanna. Nope, not a good day.

She couldn't say I didn't warn her. We didn't get to the phone before the answering machine came on.

"We don't have much good to say about McCain or Obama. Leave a message, and we'll call you back, unless you work for one of those two clowns."

When I answered, she half-sheepishly said "I was going to ask you to help, but I doubt you're interested considering what your answering machine says."

Darn tootin', sister!!

But in the spirit of politeness, I asked her what was up. She wanted to know if I was interested in helping distribute "voter information" cards at church.

Forget the whole church-isn't-about-voting issues here...

When I asked her what candidates were listed on these cards, of course her reply was "Just McCain and Obama".

I firmly stated I wished to have nothing to do with McCain or Obama. Followed by "It's too bad people don't realize there's more than two candidates to vote for."

Do you know what she said? Sheepishly?

"Yes, but unfortunately one of these two will win the election."

No! Perish the thought!! I would have never guessed!!!

Do you think that maybe YOU might have something to do with that? If it's so unfortunate, whhhhhhhhyyyyyyyyyy do you have a McCain sign in your yard? (No, I didn't say that. I thought about it, but I reserved it for here. If she happens to stumble upon my literary vomit, that's OK.)

It's also unfortunate that many of the "non-biased" voter information cards being put out by various groups are anything but. Skewed doesn't begin to describe! When Ron Paul was running for President, many of those groups either ignored him as the mainstream media did, or slanted their reviews to make it appear he wasn't pro-life because he was against a federal law banning abortion. In fact, what he advocates doing is to leave that issue up to each state, following the directives set forth in the Constitution. He also introduced a bill in Congress that would declare life to begin at conception, which would reverse Roe v. Wade upon signature. He was publicly endorsed by Norma McCorvey, a.k.a "Roe", who years after that case had a drastic change of heart. Ron Paul is more pro-life than all the other candidates put together! Any candidate who believes that "abortion for incest, rape, or life of the mother" is OK is NOT pro-life. It's never OK to take the life of an innocent baby. Any candidate who votes on legislation that appropriates monies to organizations like Planned Parenthood, however hard to decipher their mumbo-jumbo is, certainly isn't Pro-Life. (Title X, family planning, etc - it's in there.)

And while I won't bother to give a Constitution lesson tonight, any candidate who advocates for the highly un-Constitutional Iraq War isn't Pro-Life, either!

So no, it wasn't a good day to ask me to be political. I'm grumpy. And disgusted.

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