Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Boy Next Door

Under normal circumstances, an unclean plate would not be impressive. It would bring out the obligatory "There are starving children in Ethiopia who would LOVE to have your food!" comments and all other wise tidbits that mothers feel compelled to pass from one generation to the next. (An astute husband will generally refrain from pointing out to these particular mothers that they are acting like their own maternal figure.)

This is the first time that D has left food on his plate. It has taken him a long time to realize that there will be more food when he's hungry again. He is always the last to leave the table after dinner. Sometimes he needs his plate refilled not once, not twice, but four or five times. He never refuses new or strange tastes. We have learned to set hot food out of his reach, because he will not wait while it cools.

There are starving children in America, too.

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