Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Chocolate-Flavored Calgon

A little while ago, I posted a meme that included a question regarding any confessions I might need to make. I didn't feel inclined. Now I do.

Tonight, I took Preston and Bucky to a friend's birthday party, and due to the fact that gas is at a politically-charged all-time high, I remained in the town where this party was being held and killed some time. I visited the local Dollar General and bought 2 mixing bowls. We've been needing a few extras. They were a buck fifty each. I bought some shampoo for Bucky. I bought a bottle of water.

I drove to the park, and fed baby T. who was along for the ride. She's gorgeously beautiful and I wish I could share pictures of her - alas, I'm told by the state that I must not do this.

As I was feeding the baby her yummy formula, I indulged myself with the 2 other items I purchased at Dollar General.


Chocolate Frosting.

I had no spoon, so I had to use a straw. (I figured this wouldn't look quite so strange to the bicyclists passing through the park, as opposed to just simply using my finger - something I have been known to do.)

When I picked up the boys, I snagged a plastic spoon from Tracy, the mom in charge. Thank you, friend.

Bucky thought I was a little disturbed, and declared me to be in danger of developing acne and getting fat. At that very moment, I really didn't care.

Deanna is exiting the confessional now.

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