Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Couple That Plays Together...

It is not uncommon for me to say completely ridiculous things when I'm nearly asleep, nearly awake, or somewhere in the general area of sleepy wakefulness. For example...

When Bucky was just a few months old, we had him dedicated. All of our extended family attended our church for the occasion, and we shared a meal together following the service. I had borrowed one of my sister's punch bowls for the day.

That night, Bucky woke up and needed to be fed. I'm not a heavy sleeper, but I am also not prone to jumping right up when a kid cries. I prefer to let them think it over a few minutes and gage whether their current need outweighs their Mother's need for decent sleep. Call me crazy. Being of this mind, when Bucky didn't calm down after a few minutes, I elbowed Tom and informed him that Punchbowl was crying and could he please go take care of him.

I do sometimes recall these odd moments in my life, but I'm usually informed of them a day or two after the occurrence, by my still-chuckling husband. He's also usually had ample time to amuse his co-workers by sharing my indiscretions with them before I'm even aware and can seek solace, or counseling - whichever is more beneficial.

Ah, but when the roles are reversed and it's THOMAS that has trodden into the unknown and fearsome territories of the land-0'-nod...

Yesterday, I drank a rather large, if I do say so myself, helping of French Vanilla Iced Coffee from McDonalds YUM!! - at 3pm. Suffice to say, I was wide awake at midnight last night, so I arose from my supine position on my comfy bed and trekked downstairs to catch up on my blog reading, MySpace snooping, and all-around useless but entertaining bymyselfintheweesmallhoursofthenight alone justmeandthescrewedupcolormonitor time.

I went back to bed around 2:30, and wasn't even quite comfortably laid down on my right side, when Tom leaned straight over me, grabbed my shoulder, and kissed me.

D - "What are you doing?"

T - "I'm following the directions." (Deanna silently laughs.)

D - "Directions for what, honey?"

T - "Directions for that game." (Deanna is choking on her silent laughter.)

D - "What game is that, honey?"

T - "That game where I grab your ass." (Deanna is barely containing her mirth.)

D - "You need to go to sleep, honey."

Deanna will not try to describe how difficult it is to not wake the entire household when stifling a laughter that would be appreciated by no one else at this hour. Which makes it all the funnier. Knowing that Tom's head will turn beat red and he will laugh till he cries when I tell him what he said also makes it funnier.

Hmmmmmm...maybe we should try and find the rest of those directions.

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Ah ha ha ha ha ha!!!!! Ah ha ha ha ha ha haaaaaa!