Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Speaking of Killing Time...

A few notables:

The mosquitoes are out in full force in our backyard. We have become prisoners in their minds.

Our garden is looking good despite my lack of pulling weeds. Mosquitoes.

Next week I will be feeding 10 children. My niece and 3 nephews dare to tread on Ohio territory. (Actually they can all feed themselves. My role is Food Preparation.)

I had a very strange dream last night about buying smashed eggs in muffin papers and Kroger shopping carts.

Sailing is fun. Even when there isn't much wind. Only then it's really not sailing, is it? More like just boating.

There's a new VeggieTales movie I haven't seen. It's a blend of complicated moral dilemmas with light-hearted vegetable frivolity. (and when I'm sitting down, my legs resemble Jimmy and Jerry Gourd.)

My 15 year old isn't happy with me.

Parents should read the lyrics of their kids "Christian" music, too.

The last 2 sentences could be construed as having something to do with each other.

I am not anywhere near ready to start school again.

My sister's roses are blue on my computer because EVERYthing is blue on my computer. Maybe I should feed it some Prozac.

Horizontal stripes really do make one's body look chubbier. Buy a full length mirror. Use it. Ignore my appearance when I pretend my mirror is broken. It's just my alter-ego dressing me.

Assembly-line diaper changing is effective, if not exciting.

2 year olds can really make big messes quite quickly. I had forgotten that aspect of parenting/housekeeping.

Maybe it's best to not mention to a friend, also a teacher, that most of what kids learn in school isn't all that beneficial. Shrug.

Eating bread and pasta makes my stomach mushy.

I don't comb my hair every day. That's why they make big hair clips for thick hair.

McCain and Obama just aren't all that.

Fingernail polish makes my toenails grow weird, and painful.

I'm OK with my non-medicated lunacy.


Mike and Katie said...

Linked from UrbanServant.

I can totally relate about the "Christian" music issue. We've been having the discussion for about six months now. I'm still praying the hubby and I can get on the same page.


Deanna said...

My husband and I have been on the same page, but my oh-so-eager-to-be-an-adult 15 year old isn't even in the same book!!
We keep working on his phonics!

Thanks for coming over!