Monday, July 21, 2008

Not the End of My Oddness

So I had this bowl of nasty crayons that I just hated to pitch, being the el cheapo that I am. What to do? I zoomed over to this place and found that I can indeed do something useful with these annoying little clumps of wax. The something useful was keeping a couple kids occupied for a while. (We have 10 kids at our house right now, 6 ours, 4 not ours but related, so apparently I'm required to feed them PBJ's right along with my own.) The girls spent an hour peeling and chopping up crayons, and stuck them in the oven. We got quite nervous when we saw them melting because it appeared all the colors had blended together. But when we took the muffin paper off, the bottoms of the melted crayons were simply stunning. (As stunning as melted crayon bottoms can be.) We took them out of the oven after 7 minutes.

I have discovered that all my efforts at healthy living can go out the door in an instant when there's a clingy 2 year old and a hungry newborn in the house.

My nephew is way taller than I am. My niece is nearly even with me. I am wider than they are, though. (Singularly, not combined -oh, my!)

I've been suspecting that James Dobson has lost his ever-lovin' mind, but now it's been confirmed!

Give 2 girls a bag of flour, a container of salt, and a pot of water and you'll have playdough blueberry pie in a couple of hours.

My older sister has a daughter that never shuts up. My younger sister has a son that never shuts up. My belief that God loved me more so He spared me that type of child has been thoroughly destroyed. My 2 year old foster son hasn't stopped blabbering since we got him.


*~Tamara~* said...

Ha! I knew you'd get yours eventually! *evil maniacal laughter*

Give the boy a cookie (whatever that means at the moment) from me.

Deanna said...

Thanks for your obvious sympathy! Next summer, YOU get all 10 kids!

Teresa said...

HA! Don't ever laugh at me again!
"What goes around comes around."
People who grimace at stretch marks, people who can't understand WHY you let your kid go out like that, people who make their own bread...yes...what goes around comes around...