Friday, July 4, 2008

Chocolate Cake Overload

Happy 4th of July.

Happy Birthday to me, yesterday. Tom and I went to Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner and then saw Get Smart. What a hilarious movie! Full of dry sarcasm. Go figure!

Savannah baked a chocolate fudge with chocolate fudge frosting birthday cake for me while we were gone.

Do you know popcorn and a drink will rack you $7.50 at the theatre??? We never buy snacks when we go see a movie. Popcorn makes me thirsty which makes me have to use the restroom which makes me miss part of the movie which makes me mad that I lost the story line and therefore didn't get my $8.25 worth of movie.

There's a Dollar Tree by the theatre we go to. I can buy all kinds of candy there. I have a big purse. I confess to nothing. Milk Duds taste good.

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