Tuesday, July 1, 2008

I Told You I Like Frank

I'm not boring. Rarely do I have a traditional message on my answering machine. I've mentioned that before.

Today Gabe had a visitor. A home health nurse had to come out to fulfill politically-correct paperwork requirements for the bathroom modifications that will soon be happening here. Our bathroom will then be handicap accessible and updated for the 21st century. YEAH! That is another story, though.

While she was here, the nurse (who's grandparents used to own our home, another story) made a comment about us being on vacation. I said "No, we haven't gone on vacation this summer." She replied that her coworker who had made the initial contact with us to schedule this appointment mentioned that we were in California.

"We left our heart in San Francisco, so we went back to get it. Leave a message. We'll call you when we get back."

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